Chapter 04
Ties of Destiny

Chapter 57 Total

Asmita, furious, Atavaka strikes with all his strength by taking away the five senses and later the sixth, seventh and even eighth! Atavaka seems to be over, but it is not so! The Spectre Asmita hitting back with his Mate Muhorin, which not only deprives the senses, but replaces them with sorrow. Atavaka survived the Sacred Virgo under the cloak of souls he absorbed and scolds Asmita want to attain enlightenment without losing the pain and all earthly things as he did. Blaming him for this, it annuls it in a world of darkness. Immersed in this darkness, Asmita remembers a conversation he had with Buddah on the reason for the pain and emptiness that left him. Buddha said that pain is part of life and that we must understand it and accept it for better understanding of life itself. Returning to the present, Asmita return to the Light, but not about her, but for the souls in Atavaka that, guided by Ahimsa, intervened to save it. Moved, the Knight prepares attack last shot contrasting the Spectre, and then throw it in the wheel of reincarnation, so that it can no longer be reborn as a Spectre. The reproach of Virgo is not accepting the pain realizing that life is a universe. With the Spectre defeated, Ahimsa, however weak, is free and asks his old friend what to do. Asmita responds by speaking of Athena, the goddess for which they fight. Asmita When he saw her for the first time, a small, frail and human, had blamed his life full of pain, but now understands that even if there is pain in life there is more: it is the one for which it is always worth fighting. Including this, Ahimsa enters the wheel in order to be reborn and to be able to revise the Knight. Asmita also gets up conscious of what he has learned with the last fight and ready to face the upcoming Holy War with the utmost determination!


Scans MQ and HQ; Translation ITA, ENG FRA

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