Chapter 05S + Anecdote 7

As usual, in the version Tankobon dell'Anecdote dedicated to the Knight of the Lion, The Shiori gives some extra (you can find the link in the References at end of article) not only offers an Extra Chapter, including summary.

The Way

Regulus has just received the armor and enthusiastic, will start immediately to his new home. Has come down, stands a figure who trades for his father, it being in his own meditation pose. But it is not his father Ilias, but the Golden Knight of the Virgin Asmita it immediately snaps back to its noise. The Young Lion does not take it and, indeed, is presented with excessive enthusiasm. Asmita scolds him again for the lack of respect that should be in one of his superiors. Not at all offended, the young look more closely at the Knight asking if he was stronger than him. Asmita contends that, although he never faced another Golden Knight in direct confrontation, certainly is. Regulus understands that this is true because it sees in him the supernatural qualities of his father. Asmita is struck by the new Leo, but simply remind him that is in the Sixth House and must therefore continue its descent. While the Regulus by leaving apologizes keeping his cheerfulness, Asmita understands that he knew one who will be Cavalire Golden Lion strongest of all time.


Chapter 5S Impaginato in HQ ENG; Cover + Extra HQ dell'Anecdote 7
Publication Paninicomics for 10/24/2013

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