Chapter 04
He who governs the Light

Total Chapter 53

Lord Cruach is before Conor and the Young Lion, his power is at its height so that the god Balor has now awakened in him. We are a share in the memories of ancestral god, when he fought for the defense of their land and, above all, Ethlinn daughter, who was waiting anxiously at home. The girl was happy to come back safe and victorious from his recurring battles, but soon was horrified by the atrocities committed by his father, much to betray him by means of his son Lugh, the winner on his darkness. Balor therefore recognizes Conor and Regulus in the light of his nephew, his former enemy, infastiditone, recalls his black armor, a manifest sign of the return of his full powers. Forte them, unleashes the power of his evil eye devastating the forest and affecting in full Regulus, ertosi in defense of the girl. On the ground but happy to have defended the new friend, this time Conor is trying to defend the Knight by the arrival of Balor, which revises her as the daughter of the ancient purity. This is not enough to stop him, much to the life of the lady groped again. Again Regulus stands in his defense, the girl decided to defend at all costs. Armed with this new belief, it faces the new attack Balor with a rabid Lightning Plasma, where Balor recognizes the spears of Lugh who defeated him in the past and again perform the miracle. The God of Tebevre and his malevolent eye are so defeated and the father of Conor appears one last time to thank them and to ensure that his daughter will always be with her. Convinced that he had taken another step versa knowledge of the world of his father, returns to the Sanctuary where Regulus reveals a young Athena High Priest and the lesson learned in Celtic land, ie the dogma of the Knights: Protect the next.


Scans MQ and HQ; Translation ITA, ENG FRA

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