Chapter 01
Balor of the Evil the Eye

Total Chapter 50

The young Conor wants to join his father in danger, but she is the victim of an ambush. Fortunately for him the Sanctuary has sent a very young Golden Knight to protect her ..

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On Balor

In the original Irish Gaelic, according to the Cath Maige Tuired (The battle of Mag Tuired), one of the two major sagas of Irish mythology, Balor is described as follows:

Imma-comairnic de Luc Bolur Birugderc esin cat [h]. Suil
milldagach the suida. Ní I (r) scailtie inn Soul acht the rroí catae
Namma. Cetrar turcbaud to die Malaig SHOL conu drolum omlithi
Triena Malaig. Slúoac [h] do-n-darsana éceud sól, Nin-fri géptis
Hocco, CIE pidis lir ilmíli. Es de boí inn fuirri nem-sin (r). I. druíth to
Adhar botar oc fulucht draígechtae. Tanic-seum ruderc tarsan
fundéoic, co ndechaid dé en foulachtae fuithi gonid forsan Suil
dodecaid nem an foulachta IER since.

There proproniamo a translation:
Lug and Balor the Eye piercing clashed in battle.
The latter had a destructive eye which he always kept closed except when he was on the battlefield.
If necessary, four men opened the lid of the eye by pulling the ring place in it.
Although composed of many hundreds of men, the army looked at the eye does not offer any restistenza the enemy warriors.
This is because the eye was in itself a poisonous evil power: the father of Balor, a druid, was preparing a magical concoction; Balor intrigued wanted to watch from a window but it was the preparation by the fumes of the mixture.
So it was that his eye assumed power dell'intruglio poisonous.

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