The Lost Memory

Base Crew is pleased to offer this wonderful fanmade work that enriches the storyline built by Shiori Teshirogi. In this experimental and successful mini gaiden discover an important background related to God Cloth of Athena. There will be new and old friends ..

We would like to thank Franco Villa and Elisa Romboli , hoping to see the series continued!

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Notes for Authors

The Planets Hill officially does not exist: this is our tribute to the Hill of Stars classic manga Saint Seiya.

The Silver Saint of Horologium already existed in the 16th century although the constellation has been formalized only in 1700.
According to our continuity, in fact, Horologium was not "designed" but only "rediscovered" as it had existed since the days of Mu, civilization advanced enough to possess the technology of watches.
Someone (Kairos same? Sage?) May have traveled in Europe in the 1700s to put "the idea in" astronomer right.

Mneme is one of the three original Muses, according to legend, the daughters of Zeus and then "sisters" of Athena.

What says the scroll? An excerpt of the script, converted into Greek by Google Translator!
Since Mneme is deleting a memory, it is right that deletes the script!

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