Chapter 02
Hui Fox with Nine Tails

Chapter 47 Total

Liu Xing is not willing to change his opinion about Dohko, until it reaches a mission to Hui Bai Ze. Eager to redeem himself with the Tiger Fierce shows its improvements that led him to reach the highest spiritual level of the Fox, the Fox with Nine Tails of being started from Wild Fox. Not only that, Hui was also able to wear the Robe Ink, called Tattoo, and can not wait to confront Dohko indossante Armor Libra ..

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In order not to load too many notes to the pages of the chapter, we report here the poems of Li Bai and Du Fu cited by Hui.

The poem that he wrote in the presence of Hui-Yi Lin is taken from "Five Poems on the Way of Escape" by Li Bai:
森森 望 湖水 青青 度 叶 齐 蹄 心 落 何 虔 日 没 大 江西 砍 马 傍 朱 草 欲 行速 迄 迷 谁 忍 子规 乌 迦 声 向 我 啼

The exclamation of blame that for Dohko Hui, Liu Xing and his unit is taken from "A Tale of a Sad Elegy" by Li Bai.

The poetry of this as a background in the balloon technique Hui is taken from "Elegy at the River" by Du Fu:
明眸 皓齿 今 何在 血污 游 魂归 不得 清 渭 东流 剑阁 深 去 住 彼此 无 消息

Where are the perfect eyes, where those teeth pearly?
A wandering spirit stained with blood has nowhere to go.
The clear Wei flows to the east, cutting the Jiange
but brings no news to one another.

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