Saint Seiya Ω

Episode 1
Life saved by Seiya! Renaissance, Legend of the Knights!

Seiya ni Inochi yotte Sukuwareta! Yomigaere Seinto Densetsu!
Duration 20 minutes.
Written by: Reiko Yoshida
Drawings: Yoshihiko Umakoshi
Director: Morio Hatano

Saori, the goddess Athena, is tending to a young Koga, when an invader arrives to kidnap her and the baby. Koga is saved from certain death by the timely arrival of Seiya, Knights of Gold, which engages in battle with the intruder turns out to be Mars. And 'the beginning of a new conflict that will see ଠ years later, the same player Koga.

Raw HD - Softsub

Hardsub: Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 - Mirror 3 - Torrent - Emule

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