Chapter 09
Thoughts of a Master and his Disciple

Total Chapter 36

Follows a more detailed summary of this final chapter, you should not continue reading if you do not want to be spoilerati.

The Meikaiha the villain was a devastating force, Greedy is found battered to walk the Hirasaka. Before realizing where he is, however, has the opportunity of a last meeting with his former teacher Hakurei. The Silver Knight is hoping that his old pupil has reached at least some truth along the dark path he has chosen. Eager for his part can not make even one step back and actually raises its position definitely taking away from the teacher accused once again of sloth. We think then villain, complete with mask and play as witnesses, to make sure that the proud spirit of the avid precipitous Yomotsu. After many vicissitudes it is time to leave Venice and return the mask on Death Queen Island; Play now accepted her femininity and the role which his lineage to the extent that it proposes to return to the front of the mask as soon as it can do with his means. The villain waiting, wishing to grow well ..

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