Chapter 09
Coffin of ice

Total Chapter 27

This chapter concludes the third Gaiden, one dedicated to Degel. The Shiori has given us a multitude of characters and setting a new and deeper, giving us a story that has consecrated the Aquarium, has enriched the lives of the background to the Sanctuary and sowed further important clues to the Holy Wars.

The following is a summary of some detail of this final chapter, do not read it if you do not want to be spoilers.

The clash between the two Aurora Execution of Krest and Degel, masters of absolute zero is inevitable epilogue to determine why it was stronger. In fact, the point of view is yes Krest understandable but not entirely shared by Degel, which hopes to demonstrate the value of human life, however fleeting dream, to master. The two shots collide brutally, it seems that Degel, while ailing, he managed to overcome the teacher five hundredth. But the stone that was Garnet's neck is placed in desperate defense of the duo, it crashes. Garnet is satisfied: he got the answer that she and Krest, to be immortal, they wanted to hear from Degel, the bearer of the value of life fleeting. The woman tells her story of how he used the power of the Garnet Vouivre to restore and maintain peace in her country and the loneliness that had led to this choice. Here's how it began its association with Krest, the only one who could understand since the same conclusion after watching a repeat of the same mistakes centuries. For two of them, Degel was the final test to see if they had to follow their ideal, or if they were in error, because Aquarius was considered fully trained to the values ​​just from Krest Knight, then his answer would have been the correct one. But there is more time for explanations: without the power of Vouivre, the more than two hundred years of Garnet begin to be felt. Krest understands that the time has come to pay their debt over time, so giving him leave of Degel and Seraphina joins Garnet in a coffin of ice, for eternity. Degel is broken away from the palace carrying Seraphina and meets Fluorite and Mrs. Fraille safe and sound. Unfortunately, although during the fight his cosmos is so high that it transcends the senses, because of the attacks Krest, his vision is impaired. To overcome this want Fluorite glasses giving him the father wants to leave Degel an important memory and is determined to give life to follow the stories of its parent. Ms. Fraille envy and does not understand the attitude of the young, who never misses an opportunity to remind you not to give in to discouragement. Seraphina's up to try and sum up the adventure: the thoughts of the wise Krest are undeniable, so the man's life can only be a fleeting dream, within which limit their intentions, even if benevolent. Degel says that's why dreams should be put together so that you can reach eternity, and that is why it is right to defend them. Following return to Sanctuary and Degel uses his freeze to cure Cardia. The Scorpio friend never fails to tease Sasha and scramble the Aquarium battered and bespectacled. Degel first to say goodbye want to take advantage of the openness of Cardia to ask him a question: would be willing to live forever if his heart could be cured permanently? Card can not help but recall the meeting of his childhood with Krest and immediately replies that for him the question itself does not arise because only one interested in life that can flare up, while its duration is irrelevant. Degel is happy with the superficiality of Cardia, the rest of this difference in their characters is the reason why they became friends at the Sanctuary.

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