Chapter 26
Be Yourself

Here ends the Second Season of Lost Canvas, an anime that has touched and enriched as a few. Live compliment the TMS, which has well translate the sublime manga Teshirogi Shiori. While we enjoy this last act, we can only hope that in Japan the land of common sense and good taste prevail and proceed quickly to the realization of the Third Season. We take advantage of this space also to thank all those who have followed and supported in this grueling adventure!

Direct Download: Mirror 1 - Mirror 2
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* Thanks

For reasons of space, it was not possible to properly thank all those who, in small or large, have helped in the realization of this Hardsub. We take this article to make the just merits.

; Raw: Base Crew;
; Jap Translation: Biri;
; Adaptation: Elly, Feanor Spirit of Fire;
, in particolare Elly, Ikki no Phoenix23 , Quality Check: All Sorkin ™ Community, in particular Elly, Ikki no Phoenix23, Alpino77;
; Timing: Elly, Feanor Spirit of Fire;
; Karaoke Effects: Base Crew;
. Encoding: Base Crew.

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