Release Date 19/05/2011

The story so far ..

The Spectre is an old acquaintance of Shion and seems to know every detail of the Knights of Aries. For it is time to settle up, while the rest of the group continues the race to Hades. When the clock of the Stars will have taken a turn, the Lost Canvas will be completed, marking the destruction of humanity. The Knights are expected to be a desperate race against time and against superior forces, punctuated by losses and revelations.

Advances ..

A journey into the past and in the minds of Shion, long before it became the Golden Knight Aries. Rune of Balrog, Custodian of the Second House of evil, as the historian of the hellish life of every human being uses his knowledge to rake up the sins of their opponents. Faced with their own doubts and fears, Shion hesitates, but his companions will infuse the necessary strength to face the enemy.


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