Chapter 221
The bracelet that combines Flowers

The Golden Light finally able to prevail over the darkness of Hades, whose spirit gradually fades in the Temple of Pluto.

Aaron tried in a physical body, but still alive finally meets his sister and his friend, now free from the yoke of Hades. Do not attempt to justify its attempts to stem the destruction that would bring the God of the Underworld, but Sasha and Tenma asks to participate in pursuit of the Temple of the god Pluto.

Dohko, opposing: holding the exhausted companion insists that Shion can not allow the three young friends to continue the war. But Sasha knows that his heart can not hold beyond the rhythms imposed by the divine blood that flows through the body, so thanks him and giving him the care Misopethamenos.

As Athena also teleports them to the sanctuary and told him to prepare for the next Holy War as Keeper of the Stars evil, while Shion as a priest.

Tenma greets Dohko trusting that one day we meet again.

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