Chapter 220
Golden Light

Shion, thanks to his knowledge and insight to her, groped wants a desperate move: Hades exorcise using the Light of the Sun, direct antagonist of Darkness Hell. To do this, psychokinesis and uses its close connection with the Armour to recall Zodiac Signs crossed the ecliptic, ie the Twelve Golden Armor.

The Light that Dohko and Shion can generate from them is able to hit Hades and scatter the darkness, but only briefly, because Hades does not reflect any injury and only his host body suffers minor burns. Darkness falls back and it seems to reach the end.

But when the resignation is to have the upper hand, the spirits of the Golden Knights fell back to put on their armor for a last time. The call Tenma has come down to them and, led by Sisyphus, all give the last major contribution.

It 'a narrative moment very high: in one sentence Shiori Teshirogi can describe the whole story arc on each Golden Knight, which will inevitably be marked in the hearts and memories of fans of Saint Seiya.

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