Release Date 17/03/2011

The Story so far ..

A fratricide! Continue the story of the past and present brothers and deuteros Aspros, Knights of Gemini. The two factions are the pillars of the Holy War, Aspros having betrayed the Sanctuary. Of equal strength, they share the same techniques. So which of the two will prevail? Deuteros able to find the courage to kill his brother? What will be the outcome of a battle between two warriors are powerful enough to crush the galaxy?

Advances ..

Tenma, Athena, Shion and Regulus are what remains of the expedition that led the Knights to face the army of the Lost Canvas Hades. Now the three Knights and the evil goddess must pass the House, presided over by the Guardians of the Stars, the most powerful Spectre made protection of the Laboratory of Hades. Their journey is interrupted by Yoma Hell Mephistopheles, Celeste Star of the Vanguard. The Spectre seems to know very well Tenma and Sasha and their revelations that will undermine the certainties of the Knight of Pegasus. These are lies or misleading Mephistopheles is really who he claims to be?


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