Chapter 219
The True Darkness

Dohko and Shion from afar rejoice for the end of the war, obtained thanks to the grand enterprise of Tenma. But the clock starts to shoot an hour Star disturbing. Aaron tries desperately to convince Tenma to be killed, but before he can explain more, a tremendous wave of darkness annihilates everyone around him, coming up with two Gold Saint who are themselves overwhelmed.

Aries and Libra get up and find themselves in a landscape of desolation and death of their comrades are dead, and between them a dark figure stands. Hades has awakened taking total control of Aaron.

Dohko tries to attack him, and although it can do nothing, is willing to sacrifice his life rather than making futile as done by Tenma. But Shion stops him, has an idea that may still have a hope of victory ..

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