Chapter 218
In Those Days!

Tenma with an unprecedented effort of will, thanks to the call of his companions, his feet are recovering from the blows cursed Hades. The Knight returns to believe in his chosen path, the path that so many have sacrificed. Knights of the cosmos is concentrated around the bracelet Flowers Tenma holds in his hand, forming the strength of an entire universe.

With this blow want to arouse definitely Aaron, making it back to those days when the true colors were those of life. Its amazing attack fails: The Hades Surplice is pierced from side to side, the Lost Canvas begins to fade, releasing the imprisoned souls.

Not only the world seems to safety, Aaron is also miraculously still alive and thanks his childhood friend for having kept his promise. But not over, Aaron starts to cry and little time is left Tenma must destroy his body and his soul ..

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