Chapter 216

Aaron has caused a terrible wound that Tenma asks that the spirits of the Lost Canvas have sought to defend the one who is the cause of their condition. When Aaron tries to complete the old canvas on their children, Sasha is blocked by the same spirits that grasp and Tenma together to make their voices heard. Theirs is an appeal to the Knight of Pegasus that he should stop fighting against Aaron, that they see as a benefactor because they're actually saving by the suffering that they are forced to suffer from both living and dead.

But thanks to the Ship of Hope, the survivors of the army in place of Athena come to their aid: they disobeyed the will of Sasha because they could not turn our backs on the plight of their comrade.

And 'Yato same as Tenma tries to resume, before being interrupted by Aaron. The young Knight of the Unicorn is all his courage to ask ourselves who is the guardian of Hades, and Tenma accuses him of not knowing, for he will rise again. But Aaron is well aware of this character and want to end it ..

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