Chapter 215

Aaron and Tenma are ready to do the final blow: the first is certain that the outcome will be the end of the world or its own end, the second is sure to be able to save both humanity and the soul of his friend. The Knight of Pegasus concentrates in his own hand all his will, giving rise to a new technique, the Pegasus Suiseiken Kiseki seems to be overwhelmed by Aaron.

From Ship of Hope, Cait Sith, Yato Yuzuriha and feel the amazing puissance of the contenders of the cosmos. The Knights, who have not followed the counsel of Sasha, can not but be moved by the deeds of their fellow Pegasus. Yato is pleased that the cosmos stubborn and protective Tenma has not changed despite the desperate situation.

But there is a twist! The Suiseiken Kiseki is stopped by Lost Canvas which is exactly the same protection of Aaron, approving and encouraging its creator. Aaron, refreshed, with his sword gives what seems like the coup de grace to Pegasus, announcing the conclusion of the battle. With the blood of Tenma is about to complete the Lost Canvas, which will mark the end of the world.

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