Release Date 20/01/2011

The Story So far ..

A suicide mission! Dohko must cross the Twelve Houses of the Holy Sanctuary to recover the armor through the blood of the goddess Athena. In Sanctuary, however, await some of the most powerful emissaries of Hades, I decided to do anything to steal the armor. Only against a handful of deadly SPECTRE, Dohko can accomplish its task? And why Kagaho had saved him after the injury infertagli by Hades? The battle that will determine the fate of humanity!

Advances ..

Aaron and discover the plan to deprive Kagaho Armor Saint of Athena. After a severe conflict between the Spectre of the Black Flames and Dohko still tried by the blood of Athena, the Goddess of Sacred Armor is awakened! To save the situation involved the replacement of the Knight of Gemini, now decided to take the field in this Holy War and confront his past.


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