Lost Canvas: Chapter 212 - Spoiler

Tenma and Aaron are face to face on the stairs leading to the palace of Neptune. The saint is surprised that God is not left waiting for him inside his laboratory. The incarnation of Hades says that now the time is ripe to conclude the work to which it is dedicated and who now believes Tenma pregnant with much sadness that they can finally confront him. Pegasus, however, claims to be the only really sad between the two, since the sacrifice of his friends and classmates was the duty to pay to come to confront him. Aaron, discouraged, says that his old friend probably is not ready yet, and is preparing to eliminate Shion and Dohko, still unconscious, and the clashes with Kagaho Yoma. In defense of the two places you just Tenma, and soon after, Sasha appears, ready to fight with herself the incarnation of the god of the underworld. Aaron says that his old friends are not yet able to understand the real reason why he decided to exterminate, with great suffering, the whole of humanity. Without Lost Canvas men would be forced to continue to die and be born again, remaining in a life full of pain and hardship. Its mission is to bring salvation to all without pain and, to do this, will reduce Tenma and Sasha. The floor of corpses begins to clump together around Aaron and from it emerges the Surplice Hades. Brandishing his sword, Aaron is ready to end the Holy War.

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