In this article, thanks to the fundamental contribution of Guren , we treat the logical continuity between the present events in Lost Canvas and Next Dimension those present. rispetto al patto di credulità e che non vada a collidere con il concetto di causalità ; pertanto non toccheremo la continuity commerciale, la cui validità è decisa, a prescindere da tutto, da Kurumada che per il momento si è espresso dichiarando Next Dimension quale sequel ufficiale del Manga Classico e Lost Canvas quale prequel ufficiale. Please note that by continuity we mean the logical sequence of events in a coherent, plausible compared to the covenant of credulity and not going to collide with the concept of causality, so do not touch the business continuity, whose validity is determined, no matter what by Kurumada for the moment it is expressed by stating that the sequel's official Next Dimension and Lost Canvas Manga Classic which official prequel. Another explanation is that, of course, the considerations presented here are based on what we know of two works until such time as the article itself was written and may not be considered as absolute truths.

We depart from this pattern limited to:

Timelines have been formulated based on the concept of time travel science fiction and the theory of multi-universe.

Line A chronicle of the events of Lost Canvas, and represents the most likely course of events as there are suggested by Manga Classic: a war between Athena and Hades in the 700, which sees the victory of the goddess. In this way are consistent both the '500 and Hakurei, Sage, is the 900 that we know with Shion and Dohko survivors.

del ritorno di Saori, dovrebbe rappresentare una sorta di linea temporale alternativa dove l'Athena nel '700 non esiste o non si è ancora manifestata. The B Line, Next Dimension chronology of events before the return of Saori, should be a sort of alternate timeline where the Athena in the 700 does not exist or has not yet manifested. Because of this absence for the outbreak of the Holy War, is obvious to suppose that the Saint could never defeat Hades. Without Athena, Hades would win easily and become the domain of the god of the earth, then the future of this line, ie the 900, certainly that can not be described in Manga Classic.

Comes without saying that the line B can not be considered as the main one, but by virtue of the fact that Saori back in time by the line A in this alternate dimension (Next Dimension, as the name itself) becomes the cause of a deviation time In other words, creates a sort of altered 700, shown as line C, which then develop in the future we will see the actual, ie, a 900 where Seiya is saved in some way.

To discuss any evidence for or against this scheme you should participate in the topics concerning the forum so that we can propose a version of the same date and correct more.

  The credits for the scheme and considerations go to Guren , which have been enriched by all the fans who attended the discussion .
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