Release Date 16/12/2010

The Story So far ..

Crossing a deadly hell! Thanks to the sacrifice of Sisyphus, the Knights have finally entered the realm of Hades, but for them it is just the beginning of an even greater challenge. Lost inside the canvas, in fact, no longer apply the normal rules of the Earth, but evil laws that dominate the soul and the body of the less noticed and determined warriors. The Spectre also continue to bar the way to the Knights of Athena, decimated the ranks. It is therefore an impossible task to Tenma and his companions? Who will win the Holy War? Epic!

Advances ..

A suicide mission! Dohko must cross the Twelve Houses of the Holy Sanctuary to recover the armor through the blood of the goddess Athena. In Sanctuary, however, await some of the most powerful emissaries of Hades, I decided to do anything to steal the armor. Only against a handful of deadly SPECTRE, Dohko can accomplish its task? And why Kagaho had saved him after the injury infertagli by Hades? The battle that will determine the fate of humanity!


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