Lost Canvas: Chapter 209 - Spoiler

Aspros said that, as Khronos, is not going to let fly, but God is not intimidated and attacked him with spears made from the hands that pierce easily Surplice Gemini. Kairos is convinced he Aspros immobilized, but the warrior still has a free arm and spear, the knowledge of God, the Genro Mao Ken. The second attack of Kairos breaks on the Gold Cloth of Gemini, which prevents the spears to kill Aspros. Kairos reflected aloud on the absurdity of the will of the deceased Deuteros to defend his brother. In fact, according to God's fault if Deuteros Aspros was robbed of a decent life, just as happened to him because of his brother Khronos, who sentenced him to his current situation. But Kairos is now persuaded that he can take revenge, exploiting Aaron, a false god of the underworld, and the powers Divine Armor of Pegasus. The brother is said Khronos able to supplant the Olympians and ready to duccidere his own brother. Suddenly, however understands that there is something strange in his desire to confess his plans: Aspros is still alive, and used the legendary demonic fist and said he was satisfied because now he knows he has a chance to delete it. Gemini says that the weakness of Kairos is his body and this invokes the specter of Asmita rosary, with which it is ready to close the account with the evil god of the moment.

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