Chapter 208
The God of the moment

Thanks to his scientific knowledge, Aspros finds a way to circumvent the time-space manipulation of Yoma and taunts. But Yoma is far from having shown all his cards and use the Rewind Bio, a technique that allows you to reverse the clock of an individual to take him before his birth. Aspros not likely to make the attack and the armor comes off the Gemini off preparing to totems. But to the surprise of Yoma, Aspros is still there wearing the Surplice Gemini. In fact, being dead, was reborn as an Immortal Spectre and therefore not subject to time. This time to face the Galaxian Explosion Yoma, but despite the damage received continues to increase its proportion in the cosmos proving to be a god content from multiple seals! Aspros Khronos suggests that it may be, but it is the same Yoma to talk about his true identity: he is Kairos, younger brother of Khronos and they supplanted. His intention is to avenge his older brother, whose arrogance has revised Aspros from the beginning, this has changed the destiny of dropping the drop. Aspros but does not intend to give way to find the vengeance of the god child.

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