Chapter 204
However, in Side

After witnessing the desperate act by Rhadamanthys last chapter, the scene shifts to Cait Sith and Sasha. The friendly specter of Cheshire, after he got caught and he swore by doubts on Yoma, resolved to take advantage of the situation and kill Athena who is unconscious and without his powers. But just then the effects of the destruction of the picture they show of Aaron: Sasha recovers his divine powers, along with his full head of hair. At this point the chapter to turn our gaze back to the laboratory, where we find that Pandora confesses to what remains of Rhadamanthys his feelings. But Aaron does not plan to forgive what was done by its former General and wants to give him eternal damnation, nor is any scruples when Pandora shows willing to share their fate. Before the blow is thrown, the Wyvern, with the last spasm of life, is opposed to the attack and leads Pandora to save the woman's life as well as being important for the Infernal Army, was personally dear to the Spectre. Pandora, revived after the glow of the shots on Earth, it is discouraged to be left alone again but in the name of sacrifice and zeal of Rhadamanthys want to trust that he will return to see the colors of the world.

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