Lost Canvas: Chapter 203 - Spoiler

Aaron welcomes the unwavering determination Rhadamanthys, arrived in time to save Pandora from the attack of the boy. The reincarnation of Hades known as the specter of the heart but does not have divine powers and therefore, also attempt to obstruct. Assuming that the stubbornness of Rhadamanthys is equal to his own sadness, Aaron draws a cross in the painting of his subordinate and instantly, the body already tried the Giant iIfernale is sliced ​​into two parts. Despite everything, Rhadamanthys claims his only reason for living, ie to serve the god of the underworld, and in this case, delete Aaron, an impostor who plays with the powers of Hades. Pandora pray the specter of abandoning the fight, and Aaron, though impressed by the fervor of the enemy, does not have any fear. Rejecting a loud voice, Salvation to which the artist claims to be a carrier, the Wyvern says it will fight again in the next Holy War as a Spectre of Hades, then launch a desperate attack that, surprisingly, is facing the painting with which they were Athena's powers were sealed.

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