Lost Canvas: Chapter 202 - Spoiler

Aaron continues to paint in his laboratory and at the same time, to observe the events taking place in the Temples of Salvation. Reflecting on the struggle between Regulus and Rhadamanthys, receives a visit from Pandora, decided to remove the child to awaken the god. Offer words of derision, Pandora tries to destroy the paintings by Aaron, but his attacks are useless. The painter explains that it is not a mere pastime, but the paintings are used to express the true tint of the souls of those who are portrayed and donate them to the Salvation Army, which even as a god Hades could do. Disgusted by the arrogance of Aaron, Pandora seeks to stab the throat with his trident. The young man does not need to do anything if you do not look into the eyes of his opponent. Pandora observes the purity of the eyes of Aaron and is lost in the endless sadness that shines from them. Aaron confesses that she is not able to feel a sadness so wide and so can not shoot it down. That said, grabs her by the neck and violently thrown against a staircase. Before she could reach the ground, is taken up by Rhadamanthys, just arrived on the spot. The Giant of the Underworld, but without the heart, is ready to get rid of Aaron to wake his lord Hades.

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