Lost Canvas: Chapter 199 - Spoiler -

Despite the failure of the Athena Exclamation, Regulus has no intention of surrendering to Rhadamanthys and chooses to use an attack that uses the maximum power of the twelve Golden Knights. While the Zodiac appears behind the young Lion, The Wyvern states that it is just a desperate attempt. Regulus, however, says he's the right way to overcome his human limitations and bring it down once and for all. The Knight, mindful of the days spent together with paricasta relies on the Zodiac Clamation, an attack that combines the highest technical twelve Gold Saint. Initially, it seems to work, but just a bit Rhadamanthys' commitment to cancel the attack, while Regulus is able to withstand the attack and ends annihilated by his own technique. Close to death, sees the spirit of his master Sisyphus, who tells him about how his older brother Ilias and recalls how, after death, the old Lion has returned to being one with the Earth. Regulus praying for the teacher because I can not find her father in the Wind or the surrounding area. Sisyphus replied that Ilias has always remained in the same place, and finally understands what Regulus had never heard. While Rhadamanthys congratulated his opponent because his attack has torn part of Lost Canvas, indicating that it went beyond the threshold of the human, Regulus died, reflecting the fact that his father, so he tried, he was always right next and within him.

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