Chapter 197
New Star

Ilias Rhadamanthys mocks you for having wished to fight despite his body was tested to the limit because of the disease and Ilias said, recovering his speech made Rasgado, that his star was already dead and therefore unable to shine. At the sight of his son rushed to him realizes that Regulus is a star born from off of her. Rhadamanthys but has no intention of stopping even if it faces helpless father and son, but Ilias, cheered by his epiphany, says that the Order to the Wyvern Heavenly decreed that Regulus will continue to live. The specter is ready to challenge the Ilias words together trying to gore the Lion and his son, but his attack with Ilias farewell breaks the horn that would have cut to Regulus, ran away, and put out the fire in the forest. The reasons for thinking Rhadamanthys Ilias damage that seems to abandon this mission. After the recall, Rhadamanthys Regulus told that he prepared for this fight constantly reliving that day and that, even though the Wyvern had now transcended the human condition, it would still have passed.

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