Lost Canvas: Chapter 196 - Spoiler

Zelos Frog and soldiers of Hades arrive at the Indian village, but they find it deserted, with only Ilias waiting for them. After being subjected to the words of mockery of the ridiculous opponent, Leo points out that all living things are part of the circle of life and that the specter flaunting their immortality, they try to break the natural balance of things. Unperturbed, Ilias annihilates his first opponent, but behind him, appears Rhadamanthys. The Giant of the Underworld is willing to quickly kill the adult Golden Knight, but it will prevent the Wyvern to interfere with the cycle of life. Distance from the village, Rasgado, putting on the armor of the Taurus and Regulus in arm, is leading the civilians of the place safe from the murderous intentions of the Spectre. Regulus wakes up and asks where the bull is over his father. Rasgado replied that he had got from Ilias mission to bring all safe and that, in short, the Lion would follow them. From the waters of the river appears Valentino ARPA, forcing the bull fight, while Regulus advantage to go back to look for his father. On reaching the village, located on the ground and bleeding Ilias wearing the foot of the arrogant and triumphant Rhadamanthys.

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