Release Date 26/08/201

The Story so far ..

While Sisyphus remains on the deck of the ship to repel attacks diAiacos, the Bronze Knights of running desperately to bring the Oricalco in the heart of the ship, so as to give energy to soar. The mission is much more difficult than it seems, because the ship was built with the trees divine Olympus, wants to test the courage and selflessness of the Knights, who will not hesitate to sacrifice himself for the purpose.

Advances ..

Continue the amazing fight between two of the most formidable warriors of the sacred. Aiacos has been ordered to stop the advance of the Knights, and will use any means necessary to prevail. Sysiphus, however, extremely faithful to the values ​​of Athena, fight fairly .. In fact, in order to win in order to protect his friends and humanity, would not hesitate to sacrifice himself! Two such different personalities will fight to the death!
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