Release Date: 20/05/2010

The story so far ..

Unity can not be saved due to the extreme sacrifice of Cardia and Degel. Backed by the strong will of both the Golden Knights and repentant of his actions went to the Sanctuary to deliver the Oricalco to Athena. Meanwhile in Jamir started the research for the ship steering wheel, the means that will allow the Knights to reach the Lost Canvas.

Advances ..

Tenma comes back just in time to come from the island of Kanon instructed to bring the orichalcum to the airship that will lead the Knights of the Lost Canvas Atehna. Presiding over the repairs of the ship is Regulus, the young Knight of the Golden Lion. The work has just begun when Aiacos of Garuda, one of the three General of the Underworld, she decides to attack with his platoon. The avant-garde, whose task is to engage Regulus is a strong Violate Behemoth. The Golden Knight is thus a worthy opponent, while in the shipyard's Spectre commit the other Knights.

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