Yuzuriha Gaiden

Yuzuriha Gaiden

Complying with the thirst for quality and quantity of the fans, achieved a very good Teshirogi Shiori Gaiden Lost Canvas, dedicated to the character Yuzuriha Crane.

Editorial ranks in the same period of publication of the chapters are part of tankōbon 18 , but chronologically, the events depicted take place at approximately the same time that it was the first meeting between Tenma and Dohko in Italy. The story takes place in Jamir, and has the heart and the relationship between Yuzuriha Tokusa, his brother, and the choice of Silver Saint fought between the dangerous life of a warrior and a continuation of the lineage Muriana in extinction. They take part in events such as two other important characters Hakurei, Patriarch of the race in Muriana Jamir, and Shion, buddy training Yuzuriha and now Knight of the Golden Ram. Beyond the main story introspective, there are substantial input on the development of future events in the saga's main Lost Canvas, Maleficent will put us in fact a star of his own and probably we will see again. But why tell you more, enjoy the first chapter! Good Reading and Good Download!

Gaiden 01: Yuzuriha

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