Lost Canvas - Chapter 160

The form that we should have

Aspros left alone with the golden armor of his brother and empty states of feeling as if his life had been extinct for half together with that of deuteros. Just goes to Hades to make a report to the Atelier and the god known that the appearance of Specter is back identical to the one he had in life, with light hair. Aspros responds that this is due to the death of the opponent, because the dark color of his hair was indeed linked to the effect, now vanished, in Mao Ken Genro. The god has his back to the Specter and continues to paint, asking if he now feels closer to achieving its ambitions. Aspros responds affirmatively and Hades is about to hit it, expecting the treacherous attack, blocks it with the tip of his brush. God recognizes that it was not possible to rely too heavily on a criminal Aspros and orders back into dust, but the knight remains intact and shows off the armor of the Golden Twins, explaining to the Lord of the Underworld, which is now enjoying the fictitious life granted him, but is the life of his brother, who sacrificed himself to deliver them from subjection to Hades. Aspros reflects the fact that he and his brother would never have to live opposite each other, but they would have had to live and fight together, which eventually can do now. Gemini uses the Galaxian Explosion against God, but the fight is stopped by a mysterious figure who enters riding a winged horse, apparently provoking displeasure of Hades, who recognized him as the Yoma Mephistophele, the father of one who is both friend and nemesis.

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